Commercial Real Estate Photography Pricing


ot Shot Pros has a diverse client base with widely diverse needs when it comes to Commercial Real Estate Photography and Marketing. Because of this, it’s nearly impossible to create commercial photography pricing that would encompass the needs of every client.

Some of the factors that will affect the pricing for Commercial Real Estate Photography in Colorado are: travel, size/height/access/views of the property, number of areas, amount of images needed, and most importantly… how and where the images will be used and for how long.

At HotShotPros, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a great deal of value along with the highest Quality through our works for every Commercial Real Estate client we have. Please call us direct at (303) 219-0043 and we’ll prepare a plan specific to your needs.

Contact Us for a plan specific to your needs

Magazine Quality Imaging

From small commercial listings to Magazine Quality photo spreads… all of our work is designed to create emotion, accuracy, and quality for your marketing.


High Resolution HDR

“HDR” photography is widely used, but seldom mastered. It’s one of “MANY” techniques that we use to eliminate under/overexposed areas within an image.


Premium Virtual Tours

Through the use of the newest technologies and marketing platforms, we are able to get high rankings in search engines and ultimately more views than the average Virtual Tour available.


Speedy Delivery

Quality, Effectiveness, Cost, and Time are all part of a delicate balance and must be maintained efficiently. HotShotPros works closely with you to ensure that every job is delivered prior to your deadline.


Video Production

Video production for Commercial Real Estate in Colorado is not only trending… it’s here to stay. WE have many options available for Commercial Real Estate Video Production.



Getting your listing, name, brand and website found is a top priority. Every one of your Virtual Tours will be optimized for priority placement in Google and other search engines.



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