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Our Photography

More Images

For Commercial and Real Estate clients, we understand that variety and choice is important. We subscribe to the old adage “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver” in all of our photography work.

Consumers want more photos today more than ever. At HotShotPros, we understand this, and because many MLS systems (and allow for up to 35 images for your listings, we aim to please. Please take a look at our packages!

REALISTIC "HDR" Photography

Not over-edited and Over-Animated like most HDR photography companies.

Our unique and proprietary HDR process has taken us years to perfect and develop, but provides stunning “Magazine Quality Photography” that captivates, sells, and is now affordable for all.

It’s one of several techniques that we use to eliminate under/overexposed areas within an image. This is done by taking multiple exposures of the same scene and combining them into one image.

HDR is very difficult to master, but when done correctly, the results are beautiful. When done poorly, the imaging looks surreal and almost like a “cartoon” which is completely unacceptable according to Hot Shots high standards.

Off Camera Lighting Setup

Off-Camera Lighting is always available for that perfect photo, when other techniques/processes simply won’t work.

Hot Shot Pros professional photographers are highly experienced in many photographic techniques to get you the absolute best imaging for your listings and business.

We will never use amateurs or “Summer Shooters” to showcase your listing or brand.

Accuracy, Emotion, and Quality

Quality photography is emotional, it has to make them feel something… It hs to MAKE THEM CALL YOU!

Our unique approach to photography is not to only get great shots, but to make sure that they are being done with your business success in mind.

HotShotPros Magazine quality photography gets them in the door… and ultimately to faster and better sale!

"Print" & "Internet" Size Imaging

Our clients always receive both “Internet” and “Print” size versions of their imaging to use in all of their marketing pieces, as well as our “Premium HD virtual Tour”, and more.

HotShotPros provides every client with a host of perks that are always included in every photography order.

Free Custom Editing

Most photography companies charge a premium for custom editing. This is simply part of every Photography order at HotShotPros.

Every image is scrutinized for quality, composition and purpose and then undergoes our exclusive custom editing process with our High-End 64bit editing software by our professional and skilled editors. Once this process is complete, the imaging then goes to our management for final approval for delivery.

All of this occurs in a streamlined fashion so that you get your photography delivered to your inbox in a timely manner.

Speedy Delivery

Hot Shot Pros will deliver all Photography, Virtual Tour Links, QR Codes, on Demand Statistics and tour editing capabilities via email as soon as each production is complete.

This usually takes 1 Business day from the end of the actual photo session for Residential Real Estate, and Commercial Real Estate imaging may take longer depending on the project.

The links that we provide via email have proven to be the most efficient and fastest method for our clients, as it enables them to access their Photography and Virtual Tours from anywhere in the world, at any time.

"Real" Professional Photographers

The Camera is simply a tool and is best used by those trained to use it… “You wouldn’t hire a Decorator to build your home just because they own a hammer… would you?”

We will never use interns, or “Summer Shooters” to showcase your Real Estate Listing or Business. This is a rampant problem in the industry since the Digital Photography era has begun…

HotShotPros Photographers are Full-Time Professionals only!

Magazine Quality Photography

Since 2006, HotShotPros photos have been published in many publications. From National Magazines and flooring, kitchen, and bath circulars to some of the top Real Estate and Business Websites the list is very long.

Our skilled editors verify that every photo is properly composed, well lit, and in focus. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and you can be sure to get the best photography possible with every order.

Our Service

"LOCAL" Colorado Business

HotShotPros is a “Local Colorado Real Estate Photography Company.”

We understand the Colorado market… more importantly,“We know your Buyers and Sellers.”

Because we’re local, we have to concentrate on our client’s success with “Quality of work” rather than “Quantity of orders” like most of the National Real Estate Photography Companies.

Experienced Photographers

With thousands of satisfied clients, HotShotPros is proud to deliver the most professional product time and time again.

Our experienced photographers are some of the best in the industry for real estate and architectural photography and employ many photographic techniques to get you the absolute best imaging for your listings, brand and business.

Many companies and especially national companies will hire intermediate photographers, interns, or anyone who pays to take their course on opening up their own photography/virtual tour business.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

Our costs are not the highest in the market, however, we are professionals and our work certainly justifies the expense.

Our clients enjoy, and we truly believe that no other Virtual Tour or Real Estate photography company can compete with our value, exposure, and quality.

We typically cater to the Top 10-15% of real estate agents, architects, and home builders. Our clients understand the importance of “Quality, Service, and Time” as these three principles are often the key to their own success.

There are far too many amateurs posing as pros in the photography industry. Many of them will charge very low prices that are not sustainable or profitable. Their work will usually be evident.

Give us a try, and you’ll see the difference!

MLS and "Approved!"

HotShotPros has gone to great lengths to get “Certified” or “Approved” for Metrolist Matrix, IRES,, Trulia, Zillow, and many additional Real Estate Marketing Platforms.

This is just one of the many advantages that we offer for our clients, and has proven to be a large part of our clients success through our work.

Secure Photo and Tour Delivery

Our secure online delivery system allows you to get pictures, tours, QR codes and much more.

From wherever you are and whenever you want it… as a client you can access your imaging and tours with one click from your email or from your secure “Client Panel” we provide.

Just call us w/ your order, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Aerial Photography & Video

For the time being, we have Aerial Photography and Video services only available for Commercial Real Estate only.

We plan to launch our Aerial Photography and Video service in May 2015, when we have all of the proper safety protocols and permissions in hand.

Please call us for more information at 303.219.0043 .

Our Mission and Goal

Our Mission is to provide extremely effective marketing tools for real estate professionals with an emphasis on imaging, quality and mass exposure.

Our Goal is to employ the newest technology andtrends in real estate marketing as they become available so that our customers consistently get what they need… “The Sale”.

Free Support and Training

HotShotPros offers “Free Support” on all of their products. All you have to do is call.

In addition, we are always available to help our clients get the most out of their marketing. From social media training/speaking engagements, to new trends in Real Estate Marketing, HotShotPros is always available to help… “All you have to do is ask!”

We strongly believe that “your success is ultimately our own!”

Photography Preparation Guide

Please download our “Free Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tour Preparation Guide” so that we can showcase your home with the best look possible.

By following some of the guidelines that we’ve listed, we should be able to really make your listing stand apart from the crowd with our professional photography works.

Premium Tours

"Free" Premium Tour

Every Real Estate Photography order comes with our “Premium Virtual Tour” at no additional cost.

Our Real Estate Virtual Tours are extremely fast loading, simple to use for all, and are designed to create an emotional response to ultimately make the viewer want to call our real estate professionals.

Our Colorado Virtual Tours are chosen by Professionals who understand the benefit of having the best quality, fastest speed, and highest level of service.

To put it simple… HotShotPros provides Professional Real Estate Photography in Colorado and Virtual tours that get seen.

Optimized for Search Engines

Our Tours are designed to provide “The Findability” that’s needed in today’s market. Getting your listing, name, brand and website found is a top priority…

Every one of our Premium Virtual Tours is optimized for priority placement in search engines like Google, and is custom designed to boost the popularity in search engines for your actual website, name and brand. This gives our clients many of the same benefits of a “high dollar SEO campaign”, but is included at no additional cost with every tour.

Mobile Friendly

Our Premium Virtual Tours play on all devices. From desktop computers to phones and tablets… the results are fast and stunning.

HotShotPros Premium Virtual Tours are all optimized for desktop, mobile phones and tablets, and come complete with both “Branded” and Un-Branded versions as an added value.

No Expiration

Our Premium Colorado Virtual tours NEVER expire… this gives you recognition for your Name and Brand on the web long after your listing has sold!

This is a great tool for our client’s to prove their success during Listing Presentations, and has helped many of our Real Estate Pros get new listings.

Secure Photo and Tour Delivery

Custom Branding on every HotShotPros Premium Virtual Tour is designed to get recognition from not only major search engines, but especially from those who view the tour.

With links directly to your website, brochure, email and your phone number, they have many ways to contact you and remember your brand!

Now that many MLS systems now allow for branding in your listings, this has become more important than ever. Please call us for more information at 303.219.0043

Social Media

Do it yourself, or let us help you with Social Media!

Every HotShotPros Virtual Tour is connected to your favorite Social Networks w/ our Share service.

Our integrated Social Media Feature provides easy and fast syndication to your favorite social networks, bookmarks, and blogs.

Understanding the extreme importance of Social Media, we also offer social Networking Service on every tour for a nominal fee, and will gladly provide FREE training on the subject to help you succeed.

Please call us for more information at 303.219.0043 .

Track Your Investment

Track your investment with our “On-Demand” and automatic “Weekly” Reports.

Marketing that isn’t tracked can be a waste of time, energy and money. We provide “Statistic Reporting” on every Tour so that you know where, when and how much traffic you are getting on your tour. This allows you to focus on areas that are working well for a specific listing and ultimately sell faster.

Prove the Benefit.

Embed on Your Website

All HotShotPros virtual tours can be embedded directly to your website w/ the FREE code we provide.

For some Agent Websites, it may be necessary for us to communicate directly with your site designer or administrator. HotShotPros offers “Free Support.” All you have to do is call.

Many More Features

Our Premium Virtual Tours have many features to list. Th most important thing to note is that HotShotPros tours do not require a “PHD” on how to use them, they will not make you dizzy, and they are done to Showcase your Brand and Your Listings… and NOT HotShotPros, unlike many other real estate photography and virtual tour companies that do.

For a complete tour of what we offer through the use of our Premium Virtual Tours, please call us direct at 303.219.0043 . Here is a small example of what we do and our tour capabilities:

  • Free Music (over 75 tracks
  • Maps linked in tour
  • Schools linked in tour
  • Free Brochure linked in Tour
  • Floorplan Integration
  • Voice-Over Ready
  • Free QR Codes
  • Embeddable Tour
  • Video Production*
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Hot Spot Links
  • Custom Titles
  • And much more…


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